Strong Turkey Members Club

Welcome to The Strong Turkey membership club. This is not just any club. It's a very special club for very special people.

Only the brave have made it to 42 days, and we at The Big Cold Turkey salute them. To commemorate these Turkeys and their achievement we have created a specially commissioned and beautifully crafted sterling silver cuff bracelet.

'I am a Strong Turkey' is engraved on the inside and The Big Cold Turkey brand and silver hallmark are embossed on the front. Make sure you have completed the 42 days before you wear the bracelet, it's not worth cheating and the only person who loses out is you!


You can place your order for the bracelet by clicking the link above. It costs £28.00 (+£4.00 p&p registered delivery) each and 10% of revenue will go straight to The Big Cold Turkey Foundation.


Bracelet hallmarks


Bracelet stars


"I'm a Strong Turkey" engraving