How The Big Cold Turkey programme works

How it works

When you're in training for a marathon, you don't do the whole thing on the first day. You build it up, little by little: first 5k, then 10k, 21k and then the full 42k. The Big Cold Turkey programme works in the same way. You take it one step at a time: giving up for periods of 5, 10, 21 or 42 days. Easy peasy.


The kit

You've taken the first step on a very important journey. You are now officially part of The Big Cold Turkey adventure. Once you have bought your Big Cold Turkey pack you can start to think about what it is you would like to give up. In the past, people have given up a variety of things such as alcohol, binge drinking, smoking, chocolate, gambling, drugs, sex, not eating, over eating, sugar, caffeine, biting their nails, junk food, speeding, over spending, television, chat lines, computer games and the internet.


The steps

1. Choose your big day
2. Choose how many days you'll do
3. Make the commitment
4. Put your trophies somewhere safe until you need them
5. Use your 42-day diary
6. Start saving money
7. Kick it (and keep on going)


Your trophies

As you complete each stage of The Big Cold Turkey Programme you earn a trophy to attach to your wristband.


Prepare for the big day

This is an important step. Don't necessarily choose 'tomorrow'. Choose a day that'll give you the time you need to psyche yourself up and get you thinking positively. Maybe you could contact a relevant support group, too?


Make the commitment

The easiest way of making the commitment to start your journey is to do The Big Cold Turkey Programme with a buddy.

When your chosen day arrives, put on your wristband, and maybe even your badges and tattoo. Now the world knows how dedicated you are. It might even encourage them to do the same.


Make a difference

While you're on this web site, you can download The Big Cold Turkey Programme official sponsorship form. Finding your own sponsors will give you another reason to succeed. All the money you raise can go to a cause of your choice, so you'll feel doubly good.


Get your certificate

As you complete each stage of The Big Cold Turkey Programme, you will be able to download a certificate to commemorate your achievements. If you want, you can frame it and hang it on your wall.


This is just a snippet of what is in your 'Getting Started' booklet. To see the rest of it, and to start your detox marathon, click on the link below to buy a pack. Don't forget to look out for the downloads at the top of the page, they are another helping hand to get you through The Big Cold Turkey Programme.

Good luck!