Welcome to our Heroes gallery. This page is an example of some of the people who are now part of The Strong Turkey Club. The club's membership is a mixture of celebrities, models, government ministers, kids, teenagers, house wives, house husbands, Lords, teachers and just everyday people. Everyone is united by one common goal - giving up a vice for the love of life. We hope their stories will inspire you to do the same.


Lucy Hibburd
Action: Gave up smoking

"I started smoking at the age of 13 to fit in with a new group of friends in a desperate attempt to make myself look cool and to be accepted. 9 years down the line and I was smoking 20-40 a day and a hideous and pricey 60-90 at the weekends. I found it increasingly hard to give up, with every new year being the same. I would try as a new year's resolution with my friend to give up smoking, but after just a few days I would find myself sneaking out for a cheeky cigarette behind her back.. not realising she was also doing the same. I then lost my dad to lung cancer and more than ever wanted to give up, but the stress and loss made it harder.

I started The Big Cold Turkey Programme to help me quit. All my friends and everybody at work knew I had started the marathon, and wearing the wristband and having my progress chart and diary by my desk, reminded me every second of the day about what I was doing. I didn't want everybody to see me fail so I kept with it. The first week was really tough, especially when it came to socialising with other smokers on nights out but with them all knowing what I was doing, they were very supportive and didn't rub it in... too much!

After the 42 days and finally completing The Big Cold Turkey Programme, there was a huge temptation to celebrate with a night out of lots of drink and cigarettes, but after all I had gone through to get so far why start smoking again now?To this day I have never touched a cigarette since and have started another Cold Turkey Programme on Alcohol and junk food. I shed some weight, my health massively improved and I saved so much money! I found that introducing new good habits at the same time as The Big Cold Turkey like going to the gym and rewarding myself with new (smaller) clothes with the money I saved gives me the incentive to keep going. The Big Cold Turkey is now so addictive for me I can see one day I may have to The Big Cold Turkey The Big Cold Turkey Programme!!"


Sion Phillips
MA Graduate
Action: Gave up smoking


Jonas Stuart
Model (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Disney, Action Man)
Action: Gave up 'a hell of a lot of stuff'

"5 months ago I gave up my unhealthy lifestyle and went Cold Turkey. Prior to that I ate meat three times a day, aswell as fry ups, cappuccinos, cakes, biscuits and pudding all just for breakfast. Then it would be french style, creamy sauces with lunches and dinners. Late at night it was pannatonne, panacotta, brioche, chocolate or crème brulee or a combination of the above with wine, beer, scotch, vodka or champagne. To top it all I also had chocolate bars every time I stopped at petrol stations. I was pretty much sedentary and I thought I was getting away with it because I wasn't fat (yet!)

But it did come at a cost. For 2.5 years, I had been on prescription medication for acid reflux. My resting pulse was in the mid 70's and my blood pressure was high (not too bad yet but I have never - EVER - had this before) I had dark circles under my bloodshot eyes and I felt crap most of the time.

It was time to go Cold Turkey. Overnight I gave it all up: meat, dairy, eggs (yep, all animal products), coffee, tea, alcohol, almost all sugars (and sweet stuff), all fatty foods and almost all added fat (e.g. no olive oil on your salad), almost all refined and processed foods and anything remotely salty and I started running like Forrest Gump - 60 to 70 km's a week. I still eat HEAPS, but now days, it's mostly fruit and veggies and other whole foods.

The results were instant. I have been off the medication (with no symptoms) since day one (this is something 5 GP's and 4 specialists could not achieve). I lost 10 kilos (22lb) in the first month. I now need about 2 hrs less sleep a night and have buckets more energy. My skin is clear and I look at feel at least 5 years younger. It's good to cut down on stuff, but going Cold Turkey really made a big difference to me straight away."


Lord Simon Reading
Marquess of Reading
Action: Gave up smoking


Philippa Boyland
Financial administrator
Action: Gave up 'over eating'

"Well, the blue band certainly raised some questions and as a result those around me were helping me to develop self-control. My aim is to stop eating more food than I need and to avoid binge eating.

The Big Cold Turkey wrist band continues to prompt me by its blue presence on my arm and the two tokens winking at me to remind me that my new regime is progressing. So the encouragement of The Big Cold Turkey together with a changed and more balanced GI diet is working wonders."